Institute for Astronomy

Induction Information for Line Managers

Information for Line Managers on the IfA Induction process for new staff

Line Managers should familiarise themselves with the IfA Staff Handbook and the SoPA Staff Handbook, as well as the University Guidance for Managers.

Other points to be noted at the Induction stage are:

  • Contact IT well in advance of new staff's arrival in order to arrange computing equipment and ensure all necessary accounts are set up.
  • Contact IfA Admin regarding the office that new staff have been allocated to, and arrange collection of their key, also ensure that The Lodge is informed of their arrival and will provide ROE card access.
  • Please cc IfA Admin to all Lodge correspondence.
  • Make sure that new staff undergo a local RoE Health & Safety induction, this can be arranged via Eleanor Horsburgh in the Lodge.
  • Make sure that new staff are introduced at Stobie.